How it works?

As we know that restrictions at work places have begun to be lifted, it becomes important to check the return of the employees back to work with assured safety without compromising the health of employees.

eToken enables you to securely reopen occupancy limits with utilizing most unique and robust people counting system.

Add your business / Location

eToken technology can help you safely track vital features including headcount, number of people in a given area, visitors schedule, safe distance between people, the system sends timely alerts to manage smooth flow of employees, preventing gatherings.

Online eToken Generation

Through the system of eToken, all customers can generate a token by using mobile app or computer with date and time.

Scanning of token by authority

As and when any entry is made, our professional authorities perform accurate scanning of token before giving access to anyone.

Quick reports to authority

Authority will get quick and genuine reports of all visitors and occupancy in their location.


  • Get live updates
  • Safe and accurate system.
  • Capability of issuance paid etoken by online payments.
  • Rapid and smooth, self-install solution
  • Very Cost effective
  • eToken issuance from mobile app and over the counter
  • Over the counter printed QR code-based token
  • Dedicated entity-based customizable platform available

  • eToken can be integrated with payment system for paid eToken issuance for entries and appointments
  • etoken reader at issuing end can read the QR code based issued token efficiently , fast , accurate and verify the information for entries and appointment
  • Easy download and printable eTokens
  • Single time usable unique eToken
  • Customization for type and purpose of eToken
  • Location map availability for the venue for which eToken is issued
  • Online mobile app as well as over the counter token issuance with printable QR code-based tokens
  • Advantages of using the eToken system we assure maximum analysis with immense accuracy.

Encourage visitors to follow safety rules during the pandemic with our authentic counting app. We at eToken had to create tough technology that could avoid such nuisance, to meet the occupancy measuring needs for buildings that need to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis. These buildings include (but are not limited to) supermarkets, retail stores, public buildings, Religious Places, offices, banks, pharmacies and more.

  • Supermarkets
  • Religious & Tourism places
  • Museums
  • Educational Institutes
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Event Venues
  • Security Surveillance Places
  • Theaters and Cinema Halls
  • Government offices
  • Doctors
  • Parking areas
  • Amusement Parks

Benefits for organizations

Customers will feel safe as number of visits are controlled via eToken

No long queues for waiting.

Attract new customers

You can get updates on your revenue.

You can share your personalized eToken URL in social media to attract new customers.

Prove your business is following social distancing compliance to local authority

Control number of visitor/Customer

Now you can avoid too many or too less visitors via managing your appointment through eToken



Contactless Online Token System

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